Professionalism in methodology and procedure


• We help to select the right way for searching and deciding upon the best and most suitable staff member.


• We analyse your needs and acting jointly we will establish a functional and personal requirement profile of the ideal candidate.


• When researching, we use all channels of searching and finding at the same time, from direct search through the database search to the online advertising. ->  The customer should be able to see within a short time the currently available number of candidates which may be willing to change.

Contacting personally the candidates is really a challenge.- This job is performed by our consultant, able to answer critical issues in a competent way. Thus, such conversation will be of high level and result as a win-win for both, enhancing considerably the chances of success.


• Selecting and Get-together:

Performing the selection and presentation of the candidates is again a jointly and trustful task in dialog with our customer, examining carefully the technical and personal qualification of the candidates in view of matching most efficiently the special task within the new enterprise surrounding.


• Follow up:

Beyond the phase of the negotiations, we are very interested in the successful integration of the new staff member and are looking for contact with the customer and with the candidate.

Over the years, we have been confirmed by the fact that lasting success results from long-term, trusting contacts and cooperation.